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Pump technology

We support the efficiency of your systems by integrating high-precision pumps.

Various applications not only need to control and regulate fluids and gases but also to deliver these media. To meet these requirements, Bürkert has partnered with Schwarzer Precision, the technological leader in the development and production of high-precision and long-lasting miniature diaphragm pumps.
Thanks to the successful partnership, even highly complex fluid systems consisting of valves, sensors, controllers and pumps can be created and complete control, regulation and delivery processes realised as a result.

Your added values at a glance

  • Shorter time-to-market
    The development of pump and valve technology systems from a single source reduces the level of coordination required and shortens your project duration.
  • Exceptional performance
    We customise pump characteristics such as flow rate, pressure range, life time, etc. to suit your application. Integrating the pump into the complete system allows us to ensure the optimum performance of the solution, which also stands out with additional safety features, fewer interfaces and a compact design.
  • Minimum logistics expenditure
    A single contact partner for the product creation process as well as for series production and delivery guarantees streamlines communication and logistics for you. The complete tested system is delivered to you from a single source and leaves nothing to be desired.

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