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Mechanical production

This is where many years of experience meets cutting-edge production technology. 

Comprehensive implementation of your project plan

The direct proximity to the mechanical production line and the inclusion of colleagues from the milling, turning, forming and welding stations at an early stage ensure a seamless process. This allows you to profit from our superior technology, highly automated machinery and our many years of experience in mechanical production.

Mechanical production - your added values at a glance

  • First-class product quality
    A successful product is marked out by its production as well as by its development. We combine these process steps and achieve optimum product characteristics while ensuring a short time to market by involving production experts in the development process at an early stage and selecting the right production technology.
    Our exceptional range of machinery allows us to cover the entire portfolio of production processes from milling technology to turning and welding technology and all the way to forming technology. In this respect, we attach the greatest importance to precision and consistently high product quality, which is continuously ensured using the latest measurement methods.
  • Astonishing cost reductions and time savings
    By investing in new technologies, we are pursuing the goal of continuously improving our performance and bringing you the latest and most efficient production processes.
  • Swift realisation of your requirements
    Our high range of vertical manufacture affords us exceptional flexibility and allows us to react quickly to your wishes, especially deadline wishes.