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Automated and mobile ladle treatment

Stable temperature distribution within the molten metal

At a glance

  • Application - Mobile gas control system for ladle treatment
  • Requirement - “Plug & Play” solution, high pressure compatible MFC up to 25 bar
  • Solution - Modular MFC solution that can be integrated easily into an existing system
  • Added values - Improved efficiency and enhanced steel production due to ease of maintenance and fast start-up

Our customer, a plant and steelwork engineer, planned an electric arc furnace (EAF) for a steelworks in Tula, Russia. Automated and mobile ladle stirring was intended to keep the temperature distribution within the molten metal constant and stable at all times. This way, it was possible to make the steel treatment process more efficient to allow operators of the steelworks to increase their annual steel production. The Bürkert system for argon and nitrogen stirring in the proper control cabinet met the demands of the customer and comes with the necessary approval of the Eurasian Economic Union, the EAC mark. Moreover, the components have to work reliably under adverse conditions, as for instance at pressures up to 22 bar and in very dusty atmospheres. In the course of cooperation, the plant and steelwork engineer became firmly convinced of the ability of the system solution to adapt to conditions at other plants, such as a BOF, VOD or AOD plant. Fast and smooth integration is fundamentally ensured by adapting the control parameters and adding additional I/O modules. Customers particularly value the array of functions and the flexibility of the systems that improve the efficiency of mobile ladle treatment systems.

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