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Carburisation, surface hardening and control of auxiliary gases

Optimum roller hearth furnace

At a glance

  • Application - Carburisation and subsequent surface hardening in the roller hearth furnace
  • Requirement - Maintaining the existing control periphery
  • Solution - System solution that can be integrated during on-going operation using existing interfaces
  • Added values - Efficient plant utilisation, as processes do not have to be interrupted for integration

For the development of a new roller hearth furnace, which needs to be at the cutting edge of efficiency and flexibility, an automotive supplier required easy integration of the process technology in the existing operating levels. The current plant control had to remain unaltered. The final result of the furnace and process expertise of the supplier and the automation technology expertise of Bürkert is a system solution that guarantees both a higher level of integration and tailored implementation. The key requirements for the successful contribution of Bürkert were, on the one hand, the proven device technology and, on the other, the variety of possible connections of these devices. The integration and configuration (data selection) of various processes are also possible via a single point of access. Carburisation with methanol, subsequent surface hardening with ammonia as well as the control of auxiliary gases were integrated smoothly into the existing structures. 

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