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Filling and analyzing from the pharma to automotive industry

Let’s take a client from the pharmaceutical industry and a client from the automotive industry. The fact that they produce completely different products is irrelevant. We know that it’s the volume that counts and we know how to measure it, regardless of whether it’s an infusion bag or a car body anti-corrosion solution. With the Surface-Acoustic-Wave-Technology (SAW), we are on the same wavelength as the product that has to flow.

“No more detours to achieve optimal results.”

“No more compromises with flow rates.”

On the same wavelength

What you see is not a car body or an infusion bag. What you see is the way Bürkert handle the fluid challenges of our clients. We do not think in terms of industries, we think in terms of solutions.

“No more compromises with flow rates.”

infusion bag on a blue background

Client Meeting

The beginning of any solution is understanding the problem: One of our long-standing clients, a global market leader in the development and manufacture of infusion solutions, invested heavily in a new production plant.

infusion bag which is filled scheme

3000 ml

It wants every 3000 millilitres of its high-quality pharmaceutical product to flow automatically into the infusion bags under cleanroom conditions. But this has been made more difficult due to conventional flow meters currently available. Added to this comes special product flexibility, minimal installation space and high packing density of the complete system.

The Bürkert Solution

With the Bürkert solution, the client can leave out the time/pressure measurement and no longer has to give away volumes of its product. Thanks to the FLOWave flow meters now installed in the plant, the filling valves no longer close when a certain time has passed, rather they close after the desired product volume has flowed through it. These flow meters function according to the patented SAW process. To get a completely accurate measurement, it is not necessary for there to be contact between the sensors and the medium. Also, there is no need for an additional pump to prevent pressure drops and the medium’s conductivity is not a factor at all. The infusion bags are now consistently filled, regardless of influences and changes that once negatively impacted the process. Just as our client wanted.

Infusion bag filling solution


Have a look how Bürkert solves the problem:


“No more detours to achieve optimal results.”

Car body from above

Client Meeting

Our client produces German luxury cars. And is faced with a typical industry-related problem. To prevent metal from corroding before further assembly steps can be taken, it immerses the car body in a special anti-corrosion solution. This process step is long overdue for streamlining.

scheme of car body of a coupe from the side

Car body


The solution consists primarily of water, pigments that are designed to protect car bodies from corrosion and a binding agent that bonds the pigments to the raw material. When the luxury car is lifted out of this solution, the water flows back into the basin.

anti-corrosion solution scheme

To prevent sedimentation, in other words, the pigments from collecting on the bottom of the solution, the anti-corrosion solution is constantly circulated through a circulation line.

The binding agent and pigment can bond to the car body. This is precisely the purpose of the immersion bath. However, over time, it is exactly this process that has affected the result – undesirable results for our client.

The Bürkert Solution

Our solution allows for seamless control: We have equipped their system with the advanced SAW technology. Our FLOWave flow meter constantly reports to our client which elements are missing in the anti-corrosion solution and by how much without having to detour to the lab. Because it has now been incorporated into the process. It’s just a lot smaller.

Car body solution prozess scheme


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