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Megoldások áthajtós autómosókhoz

Flexibilis és moduláris – mindenhová jól illeszkedik 

Your benefits:

  • High flexibility through a variable number of valves: supply plates for x-fold designs, valve slots can be retrofitted
  • Customised configuration; the valve output can be attached on the left or right
  • Easy-to-service modular construction
  • Huge time savings when integrating into the existing system: the preconfigured complete solution eliminates the need to connect numerous individual components
  • Suitable for use in diverse ambient conditions
  • Process-reliable assembly (no need for centring of individual modules)
  • Hot-pressed brass housing pre-installed on supply plate eliminates the need for laborious additional pipework

Valve technology for your gantry car washes

Due to the modular construction, the block solution is overly easy-to-service. Additionally, it is suitable for the use in diverse ambient conditions. Dependent on the local conditions, a customised configuration is possible - the valve output can be attached on the left or right. As a result of the preconfigured complete solution, the need to connect numerous individual components is eliminated and the block solution can be integrating into the existing system with huge time savings.

Further valves for the dosing of water & cleaning chemicals can be found here:

Individual system solutions

The selection of suitable components for the mechanical cleaning of vehicles influences the degree of chemical and water distribution. In our Systemhaus, we are happy to support you in the development of tailor-made system solutions for your application. Learn more about the Bürkert Systemhaus and benefit from close cooperation.