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Reviews of insights

Bürkert @ Hannover Messe 2018

Five exciting days full of creative dialogues and interesting, interactive insights in a relaxed atmosphere: that was our experience of Hannover Messe 2018. The focus was not on our products. Instead, we concentrated on our competences and applications as well as on the fluidic challenges of the visitors to our stand.

At our exhibition stand they were able to gain an insight into how we “flow” in order for things to flow smoothly for our cients: it starts off with honest and open exchanges with our experts on how to meet specific needs for measuring, controlling, regulating, mixing, dosing and filtering fluids and gases. There were many such exchanges and each one made a lasting impression on us, since they are the fuel that powers the “competence machine”, presented in a futuristic setting on our stand. The result is interdisciplinary Bürkert solutions that offer value-added features, as visitors to our stand could see for themselves at the application machines.

We are already looking forward to the next Hannover Messe and are always seeking new inspirations for future flow stories.

Scientific research handling and dosing in the micro rangeScientific research handling and dosing in the micro range

We blend your specialist knowledge with our comprehensive know-how. This results in solutions that are perfect down to the very last detail and help to reduce complexity. Since we give your idea the respect and attention it deserves – irrespective of whether you work with stem cells or dose micro-litres. Be inspired by the following real success stories and discover how we build on and increase the knowledge of our clients. Ensuring everything flows smoothly all of the time.

Filling and analyzing from the pharma to automotive industryFilling and analyzing from the pharma to automotive industry

Let’s take a client from the pharmaceutical industry and a client from the automotive industry. The fact that they produce completely different products is irrelevant. We know that it’s the volume that counts and we know how to measure it, regardless of whether it’s an infusion bag or a car body anti-corrosion solution. With the Surface-Acoustic-Wave-Technology (SAW), we are on the same wavelength as the product that has to flow.