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Bürkert - Living for innovation

Making ideas flow for 70 years

Today, Bürkert is a worldwide leading manufacturer of components and system solutions for the measurement and control of liquids and gases. At the beginning of this success story there were only the ideas of the company founder Christian Bürkert. That has not changed to this day: Ideas come first. For more than 25,000 days Bürkert employees have been making these ideas flow with knowledge and creativity – for ever new solutions to the challenges of their customers.

After World War II, Christian Bürkert laid the foundation for the present-day technological enterprise Bürkert Fluid Control Systems on the basis of solid technical training, a feel for future market requirements and ideas for innovative technical solutions. At first, he worked on the development and construction of incubators for poultry farming as well as temperature controllers for ovens until his first encounter with solenoid valves in 1954, a field that is important for Bürkert to the present day: fluidics, or the measurement and control of liquids and gases. In response to declines in areas such as the production of washing machine valves he always found an answer: a completely new technological solution that opened up new potentials in another area. With the world’s first plastic encased solenoids, standardised cable heads or the fast internationalisation of business activities – long before globalisation – the company grew, as did the knowledge of fluidic systems, production technologies and industrial automation.

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